Testimonials for Carol Boughton Pilates

“I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for helping me with my fitness over the last 2 years.

During our holiday we did some really strenuous walks and I returned home with no aches or pains at all and I can only put that down to your excellent Pilates classes.

When we were there 2 years ago, I really struggled to do the same walks so I do feel very pleased”.

Monica Mason – March 2022

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for the excellent online classes you are doing. I do try to do them live as this does give a focus for the day but I do catch up later if I can’t join you live.

Your encouragement and great instructions have really helped me have a greater understanding of Pilates.

I started Pilates about 2 years ago – a complete novice at the age of 72! People would ask if I was enjoying the class and my reply was ‘no but I go because I feel it is good for me’. I hasten to say that was before I joined your classes – I now can say I do enjoy Pilates and all thanks to you”  xxx

Monica Mason – Dec 2020

You have definitely seen me through 2020 with positive, focused and calming sessions despite uncertainty and from time to time impossible work schedules.  Knowing I will never miss a session in itself reduces stress and I look forward to guessing whether we’ll be accompanied by ball, band, weight tins or just your carefully crafted sessions.

Look forward to continuing in 2021. Many, many thanks.  You are a star and a special lady.

Anonymous – Dec 2020

What a hoot…just done a 12 days of Christmas Pilates class with Carol Boughton Pilates on-line classes – Carol’s sense of fun, and her ability to tailor classes to individual abilities has finally got me moving again this year.  I do a class with her twice a week (live on FB if I can) and a 1-2-1 with her once a week, and I have her back catalogue of classes to dip into when I need a fix.  You’ll be pleased to know Ralph joins in too.”
Di Binley – Dec 2020

“You have helped me enormously through all these months, from my first class infact, all the fabulous little bits of info you give at your class I really enjoy.  It’s always an hour off at Pilates, your classes are very uplifting and have helped me so much… you’ve shown me a way to relax now and again.

Thank you Carol, I’m sure your sunny personality lifts everyone.. (not just me) xx”
HS – Oct 2020

Since coming to your classes I have had such a great improvement in my mobility and strength. It is also unbelievable the sense of achievement and satisfaction that I get from the classes, probably the only time during the day that is completely about me!
PT Jan 2020
I attended my first class with Carol today.
She was warm and welcoming.
During the whole class she would keep checking my positioning and would gently remind me to adjust.
I will be doing this class as often as I can
Aimee Wynne Jan 2020
I started attending Carol’s classes a few weeks ago and really enjoy them. Not having done Pilates before, only Yoga, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but really like it. Carol is extremely welcoming and is encouraging, especially, when like me, I struggle at times with the movements. It makes a nice change to go to a class where the teacher has a good sense of humour too! Carol deserves every success!!
Julie Maxted Dec 2019
Carol is a brilliant pilates instructor. Due to her I’m actually sticking with pilates and not giving up like many times before.
My chiropractor has seen a big improvement and I feel so much better.
Carol is very knowledgeable and ensures everyone is using the correct form. She is also offering different levels as well as alternatives for students that need it.
Most of all the lessons are fun and not repetitive at all.
I would highly recommend Carol as a pilates instructor and am glad I found her. She’s getting 10 out of 10 from me.
Susan Baker – Nov 2019

Brilliant teacher. Makes every class a pleasure to attend. Highly recommend Carol.

Alice Dalby – Nov 2019

Carol is amazing & born to do this. I’ve never been to a class given by someone so warm, knowledgeable & obviously passionate about her subject.

Beccie Hyde – Sept 2019

I have been doing Pilates with Carol for about 8 weeks. Carol is great. We discussed my physical health, aches and pains. I have been in lots of pain for a very long time with my back and shoulders. But this week for the 1st time in months my shoulder pain has eased off and my back is getting there. I intend to keep going. Many Thanks Carol

Corrinne Canagon – Aug 2019

I started Pilates with Carol in January 2019 after having damaged my back in the previous summer. I was having regular back treatment to correct and was living in pain daily. I knew my back would never be as it was before I damaged it and felt I either excepted this or tried Pilates to see if I could help myself to heal or live more pain free.
Pilates is not a quick fix, you have to allow time for the Pilates to gradually correct your balance and strengthen your core. Carol has been very supportive, her classes are very relaxed and fun. She is capable of giving individual attention to everyone of different levels of Pilates.
I look forward to her class every week as it’s my only ME time in the week, a fun evening, very relaxing, we always have a laugh, the time flies by.  Carol works the whole body, no two classes are the same, I really enjoy the variety of the exercises.
I now live mostly pain free, as long as I keep up the classes, if I stop my back stiffens up and aches. I no longer have back treatment regularly (I needed one in June 2019)
If you are considering Pilates, come give it a go, Carol is a fun, positive instructor with a variety of classes available throughout the week to choose from.
Jacqui Mitchell – Aug 2019

Thank you Carol, for an inspired Pilates session. Exercising outside on a warm summer evening added a lovely element to your fab class. Always feel the benefits of your pilates group.

Rosie Durham – July 2019

I have been to a couple of classes and have enjoyed them.  Good instructors are not common and Carol is very good.  The classes are well measured and good fun too.

Chris Lockey – May 2019

I really enjoyed this new class. Carol is an attentive teacher and has options for all abilities. Great to have this so local in Colgate and Faygate. Already looking forward to next week!

Claire Korner – Jan 2019

Carol is a wonderful teacher who knows how to bring out the best in you. She is also great fun, kind and patient. Highly recommend if you enjoy fitness in a friendly and encouraging environment.

Janine Godly – Dec 2018

I have now been to two of Carol’s classes and am a Pilates convert. Love it and Carol is great.

Chris Grime – Dec 2018

Great fun class with Carol last week. moves are novice to advanced so you can improve within the same lesson. If you have never tried Pilates before give it a go with Carol.


Alison Smith – Dec 2018

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