Pilates Classes in the Horsham area – Colgate. Holbrook and Rusper

Pilates Classes in the Horsham Area – Colgate, Holbrook and Rusper. Everything you need to know…


6-7pm Rusper Village Hall, Horsham Rd, Rusper, Horsham, RH12 4PR

(There is free parking on site to the rear of the hall)


10-11am North Heath Hall, St Mark’s Lane, Horsham, RH12 5PU

(There is free parking on site)


6-7pm Rusper Village Hall, Horsham Rd, Rusper, Horsham, RH12 4PR

(There is free parking on site to the rear of the hall)


10-11am North Heath Hall, St Mark’s Lane, Horsham, RH12 5PU

(There is free parking on site)

There are toilet facilities at all the halls I use, but there aren’t any specific changing facilities.  I would therefore suggest coming changed and ready.

Due to Covid 19, I will no longer be able to loan equipment of any kind.  You will therefore need to provide your own mat (band and soft ball).  Please let me know if you require a mat and I will ensure that I have one available for you for your first class.  If you would like to purchase a mat, please just let me know and I will bring them along to the class ready for you (cost £12). Please bring a small towel that you can use to rest your head, whilst doing certain exercises.  You can see more details about the mats that I sell in my Shop tab.

Loose comfortable clothing is the key, you don’t need to go out and buy expensive clothing to do Pilates in. It is a village hall, so I would suggest a few thin layers which you can take off if required.

You will be doing the classes in bare feet, or if you want to wear socks to keep your feet warm, I would suggest wearing ones with gripping bits on the bottom to ensure you don’t lose your footing.  I sell Pilates socks, so if that is something of interest please let me know (cost £3).

Please don’t worry if you are new to Pilates, or worry about your fitness, this class will be for all levels and you can make it as hard or as easy as you like depending on your fitness levels.

It will be necessary to book in advance for classes.  This can be done via the Gymcatch App and look for ‘Carol Boughton Pilates’ as your training provider.  You can pay with a debit or credit card.

£8 per session 

Classes can be booked in blocks of 5/10/20 bundles and will be cheaper per class as a result.

Please note 24 hours notice is required to be given to cancel a class.

Please click here to complete your health questionnaire.

(Alternatively, click here download a paper copy (PDF) to complete. Please either scan this back to me or bring this on the day of your first class. If you have any medical conditions, which might be relevant to your participation, please let me know in advance of your first class.)

Data protection: please read our Privacy Policy.

Please note that you may NOT attend group classes if you are any experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Coronavirus.

I am is firmly committed to adhering to all mandatory rules and recommended guidelines concerning mitigation of the spread of Coronavirus. I am working in conjunction with my professional industry body (CIMSPA) and insurers (FITPRO) in order to do so.

Returning to group classes after lockdown, I have implemented a series of changes to ensure my clients remain safe at all times. These include:

  • Reduced and strict maximum class sizes to permit required social distancing.
  • Maintaining required social distancing between myself and class members at all times.
  • Cash payments will only be accepted in sealed envelopes with the name, class day and amount on the outside.
  • Advanced booking and payment is mandatory.
  • No longer using shared group equipment.
  • Adherence to recommended hand hygiene protocols – hand sanitiser will be available.
  • Ensuring adequate ventilation during classes.
  • Cleaning of venues between classes.
  • Documented risk assessments conducted for each venue.Currently, government guidelines do not recommend the use of face masks during exercise classes, but if you wish to wear one, that’s perfectly fine.


Government guidance, and therefore our operational procedures, may change, and will be updated accordingly.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Carol Boughton

07765 655872


Pilates Classes in the Horsham area – Colgate, Holbrook and Rusper

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